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Why Choose a Paver Fire Pit?

Paver Fire Pit Construction

  • Compacted Sub-Soil
  • Metal ring
  • Crushed Aggregate
  • Pavers
  • Concrete footing (varies)
  • Integrated
paver fire pit construction

Fire Pit Location

Step one is strategically choosing a location for your fire pit. Selecting the right spot involves several considerations, which we can discuss during your free consultation and estimate. When planning, it’s important to consider the contractors who will install your fire pit.

Although the fire pit itself is only about 3-4 feet in diameter, you will need at least a 100 square foot area around it (10ft x 10ft) to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable space. Additionally, avoid placing it near trees and ensure it’s not too close or too far from your home. Local fire pit installers can guide you in making the best decision for your specific situation.

Installation or Excavation

Our standard practice is to build the fire pit on top of the pavers if they are already present – if not we start from scratch with excavation. However, some clients prefer it to be integrated into the patio. In this case, we mix a small concrete footing for the fire pit to sit on and add a border around the base. This option is more costly due to the additional time and labor required. Each course of the fire pit is glued together for stability. Once the fire pit is constructed, we install a metal ring to protect the blocks from heat, preventing them from cracking.

Final Phase

Fire Pit Best Practices

When installing a fire pit, it’s crucial to follow best practices to ensure safety and longevity. Always choose a level, non-combustible surface for your fire pit location, and maintain a safe distance from structures, trees, and overhanging branches. Incorporate proper ventilation, especially for gas fire pits, to prevent gas buildup. Use high-quality, heat-resistant materials, and install a metal ring to protect the structure from heat damage. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning out ash and inspecting for cracks, will keep your fire pit in optimal condition. Lastly, always have safety measures in place, like a fire extinguisher or water source, to handle any unexpected emergencies.

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